Available courses

       The course covers discussions on the system development methodologies and the different tasks involved in systems analysis, design, implementation and support.  At the end of the course the graduate student is expected to develop a design proposal of an information system and a prototype system that is intended for implementation.

       The primary objective of the course is to provide in depth understanding on the framework for project management, detailed description of each project management knowledge area and its practical information for applying project management. The rapidly changing field of information technology requires a solid knowledge foundation in technology based project management. This course reviews contemporary information technology management and the relevant issues of effective management of the information service activities.

       This course provides graduate students with a comprehensive view of the network management problem, including its concepts, scope, challenges, and techniques. In doing so, we will use concrete applications and scenarios, such as MPLS, VPN, VLAN, etc. to illustrate. As a highlight of this course, we will also spend significant amount of time studying emerging networking technologies such as Software Defined Networking, to help students better prepared for managing future IT infrastructures. At the end of the course the graduate student is expected to write a research proposal.